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Amesankoh Material

Amesankoh Material

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1つ目は冬に大活躍のHoodie setupです。工場がWRAP認定されており、Hoodie、Sweatpantsともにコットン100%使用しています。縫い目がしっかりしているのはもちろん、Sweatpantsの股部分にはマチが備わっているため、耐久性、伸縮性、縮みにくくなっています。




Material of Amesankoh

Hello, I have only one month left this year. In Germany, the Christmas market was canceled last year due to the influence of Corona, but in Dusseldorf it will be held from November 18th, there are stalls, merry-go-round 🎠, skating rink ⛸, and the whole city is full of Christmas with 15,000 LED lights It is dyed in 🎄🎅. However, due to the influence of Corona, admission is restricted and some cities have been canceled. Even in Japan, it is held from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south, so please take measures against infection and go to taste the German mood 🇩🇪

Now, this week, I would like to introduce two materials that Amesankoh is particular about.

The first is the Hoodie setup, which is a big success in winter. The factory is WRAP certified and both Hoodie and Sweatpants are made from 100% cotton. Not only are the seams solid, but the Sweatpants have a gusset at the crotch, making them durable, stretchable and resistant to shrinkage.

The second is the Champion embroidered windbreaker. Made of 100% micro poplin polyester that survives the rain and wind. Since it is provided for special use by Champion, it is a product that is particular about weight reduction and practicality. It has plenty of space and is easy to move, and it also has a kangaroo pocket, so you can put valuables in it, so you can open both hands and it is a product with excellent practicality.

The materials are also described on the Amesankoh homepage, so please take a look.

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