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Amesankoh Story Line 2022

About us


By providing products and services that bring pleasure and enjoyment to people's hearts, always remembering to be grateful, we help our customers make their day brighter and smile more.

・Corporate Logo

・Origin of the company name

The motif is based on the role of Hanafuda cards, where each card has a different pattern, but when they are gathered together, they become a role and bring great meaning.

Amesankoh, written in Kanji, means "雨三光," and it is meant to convey the meaning of never losing sight of the three lights (faith, dreams, and goals) even when it is raining (which is not a good time).

・Our history

Major Events

-December 2020: Started a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter with the theme "Thank you to the world".
-February 2021: The project was a success with 55 backers who raised a total of 11.557€.
-May 2021: Launch of Amesankoh Online Shop
-October 2021: Renewal of Amesankoh Online Shop.
-January 2022 : Hanafuda Design Starts

・Reasons for starting the apparel business

  1. Passion for Fashion 
    Always loved fashion, and we want to create something that we ourselves would want to wear.
  2. Function of fashio
    Fashion is the best tool to express oneself, and designing clothes that can be worn by many people affects many different people.
  3. Love for Japan🇯🇵
    We love Japanese culture and design, and we want to share it with the world.

We started the apparel brand as a tool to introduce Japanese culture and design to many people and as a way to express ourselves.


・Reasons for starting design with Hanafuda

Characteristics of Hanafuda

It is designed with colourful patterns for each season, representing the best of the four seasons in Japan.

A traditional Japanese game, long used for gambling. It is a game in which each picture card is matched to create a role.
Concordance with our company Points

Our company, which wants to communicate the good points of Japan to overseas through design, and Hanafuda, which clearly expresses the uniqueness of Japan, are a good match.

As a venture company started overseas by a Japanese, it represents our company's willingness to take risks and take on new challenges.

It is similar to our company's goal of combining the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of each individual to form a large team (role).


Having spent time in many countries, there is still a lack of communication of Japanese culture.
We are going to send out designs based on "Arigato" and "Hanafuda".














-2020年12月 「ありがとうを世界に」をテーマにKickstarterにてクラウドファンディングプロジェクト開始
-2021年2月 55人ものバッカーから合計11.557€を支援していただきプロジェクト成功
-2021年5月 Amesankoh Online Shopを開設
-2021年10月 Amesankoh Online Shopをリニューアル
-2021年1月 花札デザイン商品の販売開始



  1. ファッションへの想い

  2. ファッションの機能

  3. 日本への想い