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Chat With Us

Chat With Us

[ English below ]

Chat with us
さて今日はAmesankoh HPの新機能 "Chat with us" をご紹介します。


①HPを開くと右下に"Chat with us" / "チャットで問い合わせる"と出てくるので、クリックをします。



④返信の確認は、HPを開きChat with usに①と表示があれば返信がきています。



Hello, it's been a long time! How are you all doing? In Germany, it's getting warmer during the day and I'm starting to feel the arrival of spring. ☀️ Today, I would like to introduce the new feature "Chat with us" of Amesankoh HP.

[Recommended at such times! ]
・ Questions about size
・ Order status
・ Those who want to know about new products
・ Questions about shipping costs and tariffs
It can be any trivial matter.
If you feel that it takes time to contact us by email, please feel free to contact us.

How to use
① When you open the HP, "Chat with us" will appear at the bottom right, so click it.

② Enter a message and click the send button (emoji like a paper plane).

③ Enter your name and email address and click "Start Chat" to send a message.

④ To confirm the reply, open the HP and if Chat with us shows ①, you have received a reply.

Page link : https://amesankoh.de/

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