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Christmas Present Offer

Christmas Present Offer

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Christmas Present Campaing 




セットアップ(Hoodie & Sweatpants)×1名様、ソックス×1名様をプレゼント🎁

Amesankoh オンラインショップ : https://amesankoh.de/


Christmas Present Offer

Hello, it's the season when the roadside trees shine beautifully with Christmas illuminations. Christmas in Germany 🎄 is a holiday with the 25th as the first Christmas and the 26th as the second Christmas. All shops are closed on the afternoon of the 24th, and the city is quiet until the morning of the 27th. The 24th and 25th are quite different from the busiest Japan. Christmas 🎅 is a German tradition for spending time with your family.

Well, this week is an announcement 📢

Offer content
Over 30€ purchas (22-25th)

Select only 2 persons

Get a Setup (Hoodie & Sweatpants) x 1 person

Socks x 1 person

Amesankoh Online Shop : https://amesankoh.de/


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