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Looking back on 2021

Looking back on 2021

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2021年2月 55人ものバッカーから合計11,557€を支援していただき、プロジェクト成功

2021年5月 Amesankoh Online Shopを開設

2021年10月 Amesankoh Online Shopをリニューアル





Hello, this week is the end of 2021 🐮 How was 2021❓

Let's take a quick look back at Amesankoh's year in chronological order.

December 2020 Starts crowdfunding project on Kickstarter with the theme of "Thank you to the world"

February 2021 Successful project with 55 backers supporting a total of 11,557 €

May 2021 Opened Amesankoh Online Shop

October 2021 Renewal of Amesankoh Online Shop

2021 was a challenging year for Amesankoh. Starting from crowdfunding, opening an online shop, starting over-the-counter sales at Sabi & Gari (restaurant), and ocean food (Asia Supermarket), step by step while worrying, searching, and struggling without knowing right or left It was a year forward. While trying the first thing, I was able to experience various things, including good and bad things, by learning. Thank you very much.

We pray for your health and happiness. And in 2022 🐯, thank you for Amesankoh.

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