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Ume x Sakura

Amesankohs beliebte Hanafuda-Serie „Ume & Sakura“-Kollektion. Die im Jahr 2022 behandelten Produkte sind T-Shirts, die im Mai verkauft werden.

Amesankohの大人気デザインの花札シリーズの”Ume & Sakura”コレクションです。2022年の取り扱い商品はと5月販売のT-Shirtsです。
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Let's say "ARIGATO ".I love using this hoodie product.I like the texture of the hoodie and wear it often.
Ko Watanabe / Youtuber
It's easy to match with other clothes and comfortable to wear.
Yukimin / Youtuber
It's very easy to wear and the fabric feels good! The size is a little big and it is the best one for me as an athlete to wear every day.
Keita Sunama / Tokyo Olympic Swimmer
Embroidered champion packable jacket is so comfortable to wear.So, I want to recommend all people who play sports!Champion.
Clare Francis Gray / Professional handball player